Hi everyone!

 I live and breath for vintage and timeless fashion, make up and hairstyles. My love for vintage started with my love for old movies. Vintage style was how I found empowerment and myself. So here I am. Spreading my story, my empowerment, and how I came to discover a past life(style). Come along with me on a Journey as we step back in time.

I am an ENFJ (The Protagonist). I fall as a Type 3 Enneagram (The Performer/ Achiever) with a Type 4 and Type 2 wings (I say two wings because Type 4 is 94% & Type 2 is 92%). I am an Expressive Communicator. I like to view things on a spectrum. As you read my stories, you will find all of these things to be true.

The greatest lesson I’ve ever learned is to inspire everyone to impact everyone. That everyday you have the opportunity to add value to someone’s life. While I have what appears to be an impossible dream, I just want everyone to wake up feeling their best and with the ambition to find joy in everything they do.

I came from a dark place. I haven’t always been the bright cheery positive person I have come to be now, but I was able to find it. And this space is where I share how I found just that. Everything I post is how I found empowerment. What works for me, may not work for you. I’m not here to tell you how to live your life or to influence you to do something. I’m here to inspire you. I’m here to show you that everything is possible.

Empowerment comes in all shapes and sizes. What empowers me may not empower you, and that’s ok! In everything you do, do what empowers you and brings you joy. Life should be enjoyed, it should be free, expressed, wild and full.

Whether vintage is a way to find your empowerment, or maybe you just need inspiration, I welcome you to my humble abode.