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Moral of the Story, Wear Wrist Guards

July 6, 2020

Ok, let me start by saying that expression of when it rains it storms has never once held a meaning like it has this last month.

Quarantine is a bitch. But we must do what we must do. Now, let me be frank, this is very rough for me. I have previously mentioned I have numerous mental health diseases which I work and fight to live with on a daily basis. My depression relapses 4 times during this time. So, whilst I have been able to find things to keep my occupied and motivated, every one of my coping methods (circus, coffee shop writing, work, sharing a space with those near and dear to my heart), have been taken from me and I am essentially starting from scratch.

So, I am looking for new ways to exercises as 8 mile walks and at home fitness videos weren’t quite doing the trick. I need skill-based activities to keep me balanced. So, after much research I noticed inline skating is a very efficient cardio exercise and it would keep my muscles in check for when circus came back into play. As a note, I did look into getting a portable rig, and sadly everyone had that idea, so that was not possible.

May 11th I purchased inline skates and they are magnificent let me tell you. I research brands and styles and bought the last pair of these in my area. As much fun as walking is, It wasn’t burning enough calories to support my metabolism. I pick them up and make my way to the park. Now one thing to note is the park I am at is primarily a tennis park, and the are side roads for club cars or golf carts. You must cross one of those roads to get to the park’s paved trail. So I skated over, went down the ADA curb ramp, grass roll to slow down a smidge so I can cross the next road, then continue going on the trail.

I’m skating. And let me say, I rock at it. It’s coming back to me like the breeze blowing against my face. My abs are loving it, and I can feel it in my entire body. I haven’t felt my muscles work this well since my last circus class. Towards the end of the loop I realize there’s one spot has a long decline in the pavement. Something I never noticed when walking. And well, I hadn’t quite learned how to slow down. So I’m speeding down, the wind is blowing my hair further and further off my shoulders. My abs are cramping up as they fight for my balance. This very small, but long decline, has me anxious and scared. Like your on a roller coater and you don’t know if you’ll make it. This was a horrible idea. Why did I think this was wise? I’m trying to heel break but I can’t get it. My attention switches when I notice the turn up ahead is very sharp. Instincts kick in and I grass roll off the sidewalk to my left, coming to an immediate and abrupt stop as it is sand not grass. My breath catches me as I believe left it at the top of that hill. I have a moment of “Hell yea!” I did it. But I need to leave thus making my way back to my car.

Overall, it was a great first…um roll? For my first time since college? Go me!

That evening I go on the Youtube’s and learn some slowing down and breaking techniques. Turns out the heel break needs a specific form known as the “scissor.” But I learn some great turning and slowing down techniques and I’m motivated to get back on it.

The next morning I wake up. Sore as an eagle flying high. But I stretch and make my way to a bike trail. Now this trail is in fact the inspiration for I buying inline skates. The bike and skate rental shop stayed open during the Stay At Home order, and I am not particularly keen on renting anything. But I thought, hmmm skates I could do that. However alas that trail was not meant for beginner skating. Many inclines and declines but I survived! Also remember those breaking and slowing down techniques? They don’t work for declines. So I go home and learn some downhill specific slowing down techinques.

Third morning. I decided to go the opposite direction of the first park I went to. Thinking I could just go the other way and it would be better. Well… not particularly. Aside from the amount of inconsiderate people there, the decline the other way is on a winding path and I crashed into the bushes. Oops. But my goal is to do two laps so I decide to go home and come back when hopefully there are less people at the park. But! I did get a chance to practice all those slowing down techniques and they do in fact work quite well

May 13th, 16:00 I fall, and catch myself with my right hand. How did I fall you ask? Going down that ADA curb ramp to cross the club car path. Now I really didn’t feel pain. My vertigo acted up and I’m lightheaded from shock, but no real pain. I take my phone and call my friend to bring me an ice pack. I exclaim “I fell and sprained my wrist” and I honestly thought I had. She responds, “Oh my gosh I’m coming!” Honestly, Lily, you are the real MVP.

When she arrived she said, at first we both agreed it was sprained believing I would know if it were broken.

“Yeah it’s just a sprain. I can sort of move it.” That is when LIly said, “yeah…. I think we should go somewhere. Can you drive?”

“I’m not sure.” I reply.

I couldn’t. Lily drove my car. At first we make our way to a pharmacy but then she convinced me to go somewhere. And thank goodness we did. Now I had a book in my car, which I used to rest my wrist on to keep it straight. Leave it to the English major to have a hard cover history book in her car. This is the second MVP. Betty Mae Tiger Jumper, thank you for the incredible life you lived and for the autobiography you wrote as it served an unconventional purpose that afternoon.

At urgent care they told me it is broken. However, they are very non-urgent about the whole thing. The doctor told me to go to the Ortho within a few days. He was very noncelot about the situation and even made a point about how, you don’t need to go tonight, or even tomorrow. Just sometime this week. He wraps it up, puts me in a sling and sends me on my way. SIde note- the spelt my name wrong on all my files at Urgent Care despite having my ID and it took 45 min to get a new prescription written up.

I didn’t want to keep Lily from anything, but she said, “Yeah we’re going to the ortho now. It’s a walk in and we’ll get there 30 min before they close. What else do I have to do tonight?!” That’s a fair point.

18:30 we arrive. Now let me say, this Ortho office was IMPECCABLE! The receptionist is extremely well versed in procedures and caring for a broken bone. When I got there I rush to the front desk, “I broke my wrist and I need help!” I say in a panicked voice. The receptionist whom I just now realized I never got her name, but she is quite a lovely person, says ok, when did it happen?”

I reply, “2 hours ago? Urgent care said to come here”

She explains how it’s best to come back in a few days. I think ok, sounding familiar. Because if we put a hard cast on and your swelling goes down, you’ll be left with a loose cast. Which all makes sense. She assured me it would be ok, and even noted that they wrapped it at the urgent care. She gave me instruction on how to ice it and elevated it, and showed me how to adjust my sling properly. Promptly. she says, “Let me make you an appointment for next week.” I agree, but then she adds, “They set it at urgent care right?”

I reply, “Nope, they wrapped it up and said come in within 3 days.”

“Oh no , you’re seeing someone immediately.” and I was taken right back.

Now, I hate needles. Despite the number of piercings and tattoos I have, I hate needles. So getting a shot in my hand to numb everything SUCKED. But honestly it really was all in my head, I say after the fact. I do have a high pain tolerance, I do not however, have a high pressure tolerance. So setting my bone was rough.

The next day is a much deserved spa day. Pedicures and massage chairs all around.

1 week in a soft cast (which was the worst)

2 weeks in a long arm hard cast

2 weeks in a short water proof cast – great week. I could shower normally again!!

2 weeks in a brace

I am finished! Now I’m working on regaining the strength in my hand. That is really the hardest part. I have hyper extended joints so getting that restretched and relearning to write and type are rough. This is also my dominant hand, one that has supported my body weight in circus. I am still getting tired more easily. In fact, I’m writing this at my new favourite coffee shop, and I am already tired after an hour.

An important note is I always heal fast. With all my surgeries and injuries I do heal quickly. However, that comes with constantly being tired and drained physically and mentally. Something I can’t stand. I have to feel productive, which I haven’t lately and that messes with my depression and anxiety. Thank goodness for my Guinea pigs, they kept me company during everything when people couldn’t physically be with me. I also can’t stand being dependant. My house is a mess because I couldn’t really “clean”. But clean I mean lift the heavy boxes of crafting supplied to put back on the shelf.

But alas, leave it to me to get an injury during a global pandemic.

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