Dictation misunderstood

May 18, 2020

Recently I broke my wrist. Aside from losing a line I can use in the game of never have I ever, I have also lost all use of my dominant hand. Thus I am taking to dictating the majority of my messages. Speaking of this blog post is also being dictated. This has Left quite a large margin of error. If you thought auto correct was bad well my friend let me tell you dictation might be worse.

I’ll ask here we go.

Actually will start with that. That was supposed to be “a loss here we go.” Nope wrong again “unless here we go.” Still wrong alas here we go. Ayeeeee. Finally got it right.

All the ways dictation has spelt “furlough”

  • For lo
  • For load
  • for low
  • Forelot

It’s still hasn’t learned how to say “Forelot”. see what I mean? The number of times I have had to manually correct this you would think it would’ve learned by now.

“Dear God Nick dictation needs to learn how to spell Forelot”

This was supposed to be “dear goodness dictation needs to learn how to spell furlough”. “I do can see it tonight.” Ha ha ha ha. As you can see it did not.


I promise. I’m not laughing really loudly that’s just how dictation puts “LOL.” Although it wouldn’t be out of character for me too LOL that loud.

Sidenote Ha ha ha looks like this.

Not so punctual punctuation

Sometimes rather than putting a “ it’ll just spell out quotation. Or rather than a “?” It’ll spell out “question mark”

Seriously Siri

I’ve learned how lonely Siri must be. As she constantly thinks I’m talking to her. And I thought I was all alone in this man

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