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Quarantine Shopping List

April 16, 2020

Hello World! And I do, in fact, mean, hello world, I haven’t seen you functioning in roughly a month. If you are like me, you thought, “oh wow, this whole social distancing concept will be great for my bank account. I’ll just be buying food, this will be great.”

I’ll be honest this past week has been excruciatingly rough. This has been incredibly challenging and difficult, not to mention stress on mental and emotional well-being. I would like to say a thank you to the people who took the time to text or call me just to tell me how proud you are of me for going through this alone. You are the real heroes out there! And I am so proud of everyone out there also going through this alone. You will be able to handle this.

Well, in the spirit of self investing, I have since discovered things that bring me joy and things that don’t bring me joy. No, I had no intention of going Marie Kondo at any point, but it has indeed taken place. And I’ve discovered things adults have that I just don’t have.

This is an excellent time to note that overly organized or cleaned areas make me very anxious. Whilst I don’t have claustrophobia, I associate the feeling I have when in excessively cleaned places with a sense of claustrophobia. I get really nervous, I lock up and don’t feel as if I could move. This is a personal perception and one I have no idea where it originated from.

With all this, I have created a list of necessities and treats to obtained after we are set free.

Quarantine  Investments 

I have found somethings necessary for the now. Purchases will be made responsibly.

128 GB thumb drive.

Because my startup disk is always filling up. If any Mac users have advice on the pesky “other” storage, it is indeed welcome at this time. I am going to be using this for older files I no longer use but want to keep because I’m sentimental. Also, organize projects more efficiently.


For flying and for sweeping. I want a beautifully ornate whimsical one, though this one will come after the world opens. An ordinary broom, maybe an innovative gadgety one. Also, a little sweeper and dustpan for cleaning the piggy habitat.


Amazon doesn’t see this as a priority, but I assure you, coffee is always a necessity.

Food Scale

Two reasons, the first mine broke, and I have been guesstimating my coffee beans before brewing. Though I know where to fill the beans in my coffee grinder, it can sometimes be off of 21g. The second reason, for health checks for my Guinea Pig. I found one that has an interchangeable plate, so I didn’t have to buy 2 completely separate scales. Plus, it makes cleaning so much easier.

Renewing my Passport

Now I have to do this by mail currently, and I am very thankful I can do this. I had some international trips planned for this summer, before the pandemic that will be replaced with a cruise coming this fall. When we are out, I will be needing an update to my passport to continue collecting stamps.


Good wine, cheap wine, and if I do get lousy wine, throw some juice in there and call it a cocktail.

Post Quarantine Investments

A cruise ticket to paradise

No, not a solo trip as I have been flying solo for far too long. It’s time to sail the seas with the squad. Ladies and gents we’re going to paradise.

Knife set

I want a good knife set, one that has a wooden block and a separate blade sharpener. My favourite knife is now dull, so I may need to get that piece now. I have specific knives that I love, and therefore I prefer to sharpen my own knives hence the separate sharpener. These will remain with me even with a new set. I’m also craving a snazzy cheese knife. One day my friends, I will have a fancy Cutco Knife set.

New Shoes

I’m thinking of finally getting that pair of shoes from American Duchess. I love bringing historical elements of fashion into modern design. This is the perfect piece to add that touch of historical elegance. Now, of course, the ones I want are currently sold out, but their styles are simply perfection.

New blouses

I want more pieces that recreate fashion elements from the 1920s. But also ones that can transition from the 1920’s to the 30’s era fashion. Something I appreciate is watching style evolve throughout time. We don’t see that now with fast fashion trends. This is why I love timeless pieces and crafting modern adaptations of historical dress.

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