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Day 8 ish? StayHomeWriMo

April 13, 2020

So I had gotten away from doing these, and that’s partly because they aren’t coming every day, and I’ve found other things to help me cope with the current predicament. Particularly with my mental well-being through Zoom dates and playing with my Guinea Pig. Alas, I am still concerned about how I will be in terms of human communication and interaction when the time comes around again.

So, going back to exactly a week ago (though I published it late because technology and I are having a bit of a spat lately aka, I hit save and not publish), here’s the prompts (this one being submitted by BoldCityPoet):

Mental Well-Being: Light your favorite scented candle if you have one and spend 10 minutes reflecting on things you’re grateful for in your life.

To be perfectly honest, there’s always a candle lit in my house. Interms of things I’m grateful for:

  • Virtual Happy Hours
  • going for hikes
  • Lady Sherlock!
  • Crafting and sewing projects
  • Lady Sherlock
  • Historical Research
  • Books
  • Did I mention my guinea pig, Lady Sherlock?

Creative Well-Being: Writing Prompt: Your character wakes up in an empty world. Write about their first 24 hours.

I looked straight ahead in to the eyes of the nothing that sits in-front of me. I’m surrounded by the color red. I brush my left arm with my right hand, and I can’t feel anything. I see it happening, and I remember what it feels like, but I don’t feel the soft yet tingly caress that used to give me the chills. What was I doing here? I could feel the anger, the panic, the anxiety come rushing, ready to crash like the ocean waves. It keeps rolling strong, but it never crashes. Why can’t I crash? I’m so confused. 

Not quite the first 24 hours, but I’ll be honest, if there’s nothing I really don’t know what I would do. This is a very sensitive subject for me.

Social Well-Being: Search for online book clubs and join one that piques your interest.

So, here’s the thing with me and book clubs. My friends and I started one 4 years ago, and we never kept it up. So maybe now I actaully will? I’m looking at Poppy Loves Book Clubs if only because it’s Women geared.

Physical Well-Being: Team up with a housemate for a quarantine scavenger hunt around your living quarters; get creative and get physical!

I live alone, so I made a food scavengar hunt for Lady Sherlock. Then I went on a bird watching hiking trail.

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