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Day 7: StayHomeWriMo

April 1, 2020

Well it is another week, and I’m going mad as it’s an absolutely gorgeous day out! And I just want to be frolocking out in nature. Alas, I must stay home and stick to walks along the road and pond in my neighborhood.

Mental Well-Being: Treat yourself to some reading time!

I’m reading Lean In, and so far loving it. Next book on the list is “The German Girl”.

Creative Well-Being: Writing Prompt: Interview one of your own characters about what their social-distancing experience would look like.

This is actually going to be interesting. I’m rewriting and revising a flash fiction piece that is loosely based on my friend’s experience at the nail salon. I’ve been having some trouble with the characterization, so this might just do the trick.

Why did you come in for a pedicure?

I needed to relax. I had a very stressful week and I needed something to release the tension. But my tech’s excessive complaining caused me more tension and stress.

What do you love most about pedicures?

It’s a treat. It’s a full body experience. Our feet do so much for us it’s nice to treat them. Also the back massaging chair is greatly relaxing.

How many pedicures do you get a year?

One a month. It’s very important for self care.

What type of pedicure do you get? Standard? House? something fancy?

Always a hot stone pedicure. It’s the only remedy for my migraines.

Social Well-Being: If you’re not a caretaker and you’re able to, offer to video chat with a toddler or child. Sing songs, play a game, let them give you a tour of their toys.

I didn’t do this, but I want to. This actually sounds like great fun. I actually talked to my guinea pig Lady Sherlock. I am trying to earn her trust, so I gave her treats, and had conversations to her whilst writing. I’m working on a piece for my non-profit and on a revising essay.

Set a bedtime for yourself tonight. Give your body a little structure for a day.

Lights out at 23:30.

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