StayHomeWriMo Wellness

Day 5: StayHomeWriMo

March 29, 2020

Mental Well-Being: Get some fresh air! Open a window or go on a solo walk around a quiet neighborhood.

I’ve been doing this. I have discovered several new nature preserves to go for hikes. But on this day, all the parks are now closed. So I attempted a walk around the community. Well, long story short I had an anxiety attack… actually I had 2. But they were minimal. I just cried whilst walking feeling like I’m trapped somewhere with nowhere to go…even though I was outside. If that doesn’t tell you what a hot mess my mental state is, I don’t know what will. But rest assured, I do have the appropriate tools to help me with this.

Look, I’m not perfect. Infact, I’m known for saying “Your flaws make you perfect”. The hardest lesson I’ve learned in life is, “The Show Must Go On!” I learned this in highschool and I relearned it in college. Meaning life is going to happen, and you have to keep on keeping on as if nothing has happened. YOu may have to refocus your goal, or find new ways to get there, but the Show (life) must always continue.

Creative Well-Being: Go outside (if you safely can). Put on your writer hat (or mittens). Try to notice five things to write about!

The streets are empty. I’ve never seen this except in maybe on TV in a ghost town. This is one of the busiest streets in my city, and yet it has the population of a county back road. A car finally did drive by. I Imagine this is what a pin dropping sounds like.

I’ve never seen ducks in the retention pond. But is that perhaps because I never took the time to look? Or there isn’t anything present to scare them?

Businesses have died. The once fully inhabited stripe malls are now just bare walls with “for lease” signs in the windows. I never went to that burger barn, and now I never will.

Families are going outside again. I have fond memories of riding my bike in the neighborhood street, or long bike rides with my parents. For the first time, I saw a family riding their bikes together on the road. Is is because the streets are safe now for that? Or to get out of the house?

The earth is healing so i’ve read. The grass is softer, the pond water is clearer. I can see the fish swimming in the water. The fountain isn’t on to stir up the water. It’s bigger when I stand next to it. Seeing the pond from my car made it so small.

Social Well-Being: We’ll be sharing our names, where we’re sheltering-in-place, and one recommendation for passing this time, whether it’s a book, creative practice, movie, or something else! If you’re up for it, we’ll bring you on screen to share the same!

Fun idea, but I was on my walk whist this was happening. But it has motivated me to keep going with my literary works.

Physical Well-Being: Choose one of your favorite songs, turn it up, and have a three-minute dance party!

Britney Spears’s Slave for You. and my friends learned the dance to it. No lie.

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