StayHomeWriMo Wellness

Day 4: StayHomeWriMo

March 29, 2020

Today has been meh. It’s hard not being around people the people I love. Whilst we are very lucky to live in a time of technology and have things like FaceTime, Zoom or netflix party, I miss being with people. So I’ve been trying to find other coping mechanisms for my anxiety as today is day 1 of the stay at home ordinance and the nature parks are closed.

Mental Health: Make two quick lists: things you’re grateful for now, and things you’ll be grateful to get back to in the future.

Grateful for now:

  • Wine
  • Zoom
  • Quilting
  • Netflix parties
  • long walks

Grateful For in the future:

  • Hugs
  • dinner date nights
  • Coffee Dates
  • Work
  • Being with my friends
  • Nature Preserves
  • going out to dinner

Creative Well-Being: Writing prompt: Write about a secret you or a character have been keeping.

If I told you, it wouldn’t be a secret now, would it?

Social Wellbeing: Get together with some friends for a virtual movie night!

Movie parties for,

  • Tiger King
  • Wine Country
  • Unstoppable

Physical Well-Being: Try an online exercise or stretching class, any level.

Several. I’ve done PiYo, T-25, Brazilian Butt Lift… I’m dead and sore

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