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Day 2: StayHomeWriMo

March 25, 2020

Day 2 of completing the #StayHomeWriMo Self Care Checklist. I had fun with this one. It was very close to my everyday daily routine, so I found it reassuring that I’m living life as best as possible. I only had 2 anxiety attacks today so I suppose we’re making progress? (It’s been three the past week).

Here we go.

Mental Well-Being: Set a 10-minute timer to stretch, meditate, or just breathe deeply.

I stretched. My muscles were very sore and achy from the conditioning exercises I’ve been doing. I’m trying to keep in shape for circus lesson. I don’t have a rig for my Lyra, and the gym is closed, so I have to do floor conditioning to keep up my muscle strength and health. What I would give to have a freestanding rig right now. Words can’t describe how much I’ve missed losing myself in the movement and flying in the air. Honestly, I will cry the day one shows up on my doorstep. I also have to keep up my flexibility. I worked on my shoulder flexibility for my right side and progress is being made.

Creative Well-Being: Writing exercise – Pick five words at random from different blog posts, tweets, or articles and use them all in a scene.

Since, galaxy, drags, possibly, empire. All words were chosen from blog posts.

Please note, this is a scene that may be included in the piece I am composing for publication. This paragraph will not make it in the final draft, but the scene itself may. I am using a different perspective for this exercise.

She could be out there, building her empire. But rather, she’s in here. I often ask why disease settled in her mind. Ever since she turned 12, it was long days of crying spells, emotionless Sundays, possibly a day or two of absolutely nothing but staying in bed or on the couch. She wouldn’t read or watch TV, nothing. Its as if the disease drags her along with it rather than her living with it. I can’t imagine what pain she goes through. In all of the heavens and galaxy why her? She’s the most incredible woman I’ve ever met on her best days, but then she has 1, 2 maybe 4 bad days and ends up in the hospital.

Social Well-Being: Start a group chat just for sharing funny Gifs

I send gifs on the regular, so while I didn’t make a group chat specific for this I did send more Gifs than usual. I have missed that about work as we often send each other gifs to make each other laugh. But I do see myself starting a random group chat for this in the future.

Physical Well-Being: If you can, try out a new recipe! If you’ve got older kids, get them to help, too.

Well, I live alone and I don’t have kids, and I live alone, but I did invent a new recipe. I made vegetarian Chicken & Dumplings. But the spin is I made the dumpings using Red Lobster Biscuit mix. Mind blown, and game-changer. I wanted to make it using only things I had in my refrigerator or pantry. I didn’t have the ingredients I normally use to make dumplings, and I didn’t have a roll of biscuits (I have used those to cheat in the past). But I found that mix in the back of my pantry, thanks to Publix Bogo, and one thing led to the great decision I’ve made this week.

Have you be participating in the #StayHomeWriMo challenge? Tell me what you’ve done!

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