StayHomeWriMo Wellness

Day 1: StayHomeWriMo

March 24, 2020

NaNoWriMo has come through for us. They’re sending out prompts to keep us occupied during the social distancing. Every day for the month they are sending out an email or a posting that has promised for your mental well-being, physical well-being, social well-being and creative well-being. I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am that they’ve made the mental well-being the priority. For me my mental health will always be the priority.

So here we go, Day 1.

Mental Well-Being: Put your phone in a drawer for half an hour and give yourself a break from the news and social media.

In actually it I did this for 2 hours. It was absolutely liberating to get away from the madness. I’ve noticed quite a few people I follow on social media only read the headlines of articles and not the actual facts and what’s really happening. Or they’re believing memes/ non-factual graphics. I did realize that seeing the ignorance is a huge factor in my anxiety. I studied rhetoric for 2 years and it angers me that people don’t use it or understand it.

What I did was work out, work on some graphic designs and hang my floating shelves! I organized my books and found somethings to donate. I did notice I’ve been more active on social media since I’ve been home from work just from the increase of funny memes I’ve ReTweeted.

Creative Well-Being: write about a character who is stuck inside. How do they feel about it? Why are they there?

All I’m going to say is I’m currently working on a fiction piece. I won’t give too much away because I am submitting it for publication but if it does get published the link will be posted here.

Physical well-being: Take note of where the tenths points in your body are take three deep breaths while relaxing those muscles.

I haven’t had a massage in ages and rest assured one will be happening after everything goes back to the regular routine. But for me I do enjoy meditating. I rang my singing bowl and took time to hear it all the way through.

I worked on stretching out my muscles. For me, my back holds a lot of tension. I recently discovered my wrists aren’t as flexible as I think they are. I always thought my wrists weren’t strong, but a simple exercise proved it is the flexibility it’s missing. My right shoulder is less flexible than my left. Goals for this time:

  • Work on right shoulder flexiblity
  • Stretching out my back
  • Stretching my wrists

Social well-being: Write and send a letter to a friend or family member

You’ll know who you are when you get them.

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