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My Enneagram Made Me Do It

March 8, 2020

I love personality assessments. I think they are a great insight into you. What I love most about the Enneagram, is it shows you your spectrum. No one is just one thing. What I learned is the whys behind the way I am. But more importantly, I am indeed Type 3, The Achiever never would have guessed (that was sarcasm). 4, being Creative Individualist, is my wing. According to the Enneagram Institue, a Type 3 with a 4 wing is “The Professional”. It’s so true it’s scary.

I persevere, I strive for greatness, I take on everything I possibly can. Sleep is an elusive term. Do you know the character, Leslie Knope? Yeah, that’s me. In February I was sick for a week and by day 4, I was so bored; all I could do was lay in bed and watch reruns (I didn’t want to start a new series because I was falling in and out of naps). Finally, I had the energy to get some writing done for a writing contest, and right as I was off to hit the submit button, I notice the contest was canceled. So there ya go, a wasted week, and that genuinely frustrates me.

I have always been this way. I have very vivid memories of sitting at the computer all day to tackle an essay for school. Or going to dance multiple days a week and staying late at Karate to sharpen my technique.

So according to the Enneagram Institute, Type 3’s are:

  • Ambitious, competent, and energetic – Check
  • Highly driven for advancement – Check
  • Diplomatic and poised – I like to think I am
  • Basic fear is the feeling of worthlessness – Yep
  • Addictions: “Excessive consumption of coffee” – well now I feel attacked.

I’m extremely involved in my community. Last year I logged 90 volunteer hours, though my goal was to reach 150. This year I’ll get it. I’m the philanthropy director for my alumnae chapter of Alpha Gamma Delta, Second Harvest donation sorter connoisseur, volunteer docent and historian, and just this year I will start volunteering at an animal reserve on their marketing team. To say I am an overachiever who has a fear of failure is an understatement.

Now one thing the enneagram Institute does recommend for The Type 3 is to take breaks. I have improved on this. However, in a very Type 3 way: I take breaks from one thing with another thing I want to accomplish. So I may take a break from work with perfecting a new Aerial trick.

Another thing the site mentions, which I started doing before taking the assessment, is being truthful to yourself. I love personally self-reflection because that’s how I grow. I prefer to know what I’m doing wrong, so I can develop myself to it right.

So here I go, off to discover my true enneagram self. Keeping on along the path of self-discovery.

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