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Fashion: An Investment

October 17, 2019

Not something you always think about? At least I didn’t. I have found a part of feeling empowered is dressing empowered. These powerhouse-outfits will look different on everyone. You need to invest in yourself. Invest time, money and emotion. Above all, you need to shop responsibly. Spend your money on pieces you’ll actually like, not the ones you think other people will like on you. This goes for EVERYONE!!


Pretty easy, what is your budget? How much do you feel comfortable spending? Think of it like buying a house. You wouldn’t buy a $5 million house when you have a budget for $100k house, would you? (If you would please go find a financial advisor ASAP). Decide where you are comfortable spending, literally. If you can’t afford to shop at Nordstrom? Perhaps try Nordstrom Rack (I love Nordstrom Rack). Consignment shops are also a great option for beautiful pieces!

Please shop responsibly! Buy quality pieces. Ones that will last through time, both on the fashion trends and the multiple wash cycles. Understand and find that peace with the fact, some pieces may cost you a little more than the fast-fashion shops. That’s ok if it suits your budget. Your budget should be designed for the quality, not the quantity.

Feel Your Best, Look Your Best

Maybe you can afford Nordstrom but they aren’t quite your vibe. That’s ok too. Go where you are going to find your style. I feel my best in my Calvin Klein bell-sleeved pencil dresses (that’s why I own 4 of them. 3 are from TjMaxx/Marshalls, 1 is from a thrift store). Leave with the pieces that will make you feel your best. It’s ok to leave a store empty-handed. Your best is going to look different from the person in the fitting room next to you.

Get that colour that makes every day look like a good hair day. I have an overwhelming amount of navy in my closet because it looks amazing on me! Do you absolutely love a trending pattern? go for it! Make your wardrobe fun!

Value in the Pieces

Don’t waste your money on pieces that don’t give you value. Why have 60 shirts that are “in” but look terrible on you, and don’t make you feel amazing? Where is the value in that? Take the pieces that you will give you life. You know that favourite blouse you have? The one you wear over and over again? Imagine if every piece in your closet is like that! Every piece you are excited about because you put it on and you know it’ll be the best day! This is all about you. Yes I said it, YOU. What makes the person sitting next to you at the coffee shop feel empowered may be completely different from you.

Take what you’re wearing right now. How long have you owned it? How much did it cost? How does it make you feel? What value does this outfit hold? I’ll be honest, the only outfits I wear now are ones that make me feel amazing! But I wasn’t like this all the time. I went through a phase where I had a closet and a dresser full of “trendy” pieces that lasted one summer and did nothing to my confidence level. Every day I would stand, staring at my closet up saying, “I have nothing to wear!” when the reality was I had nothing I liked to wear. With careful preparation and planning, I made my closet an investment in my empowerment bank.

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