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September 18, 2019

Back in November I recieved what is my new favourite lipstick: Victory Red 1941. According to Besame, the shade is meant to replicate the colour red the Ladies in the Armed Forces wore to compliment their uniform.

I’ve worn this shade almost religiously as it’s my favourite shade that I own from them. At work, I have set the brand that I always have my vintage hair and red lips. I have several shades of red that range from bright to bold, matte to gloss. But VIctory Red is by far my fave. It appeals to the overachiever in me.

While I myself have never done my own research on this shade, I do have this story to share.

One day I was assiting a gentleman in the store I work in, purchase items for his grandchildren. Before leaving he told me I reminded him of his late wife. My vintage inspired victory roll, pin curls, the gibson tuck and my red lipstick transported him to when he met his late wife. His story is just this:

I met my wife while I was in the Military. I was a pilot in the US Army Air Forces (the same branch my grandfather was a part of in WWII, known now as the United States Air Force). She repaired my plane. She told me something that I had to do with my plane, that for the life of me I couldn’t remember and it shows because a week later I was back and she was giving me a lecture. 3 years later in 1945 I met her again but she enlisted in Women’s Army Corps (WAC). She was a go getter, adventurous and ambitious. We got married in 1947. The first time I saw her she was covered in grease, the second time she was all done up with her red lips. She was just as beautiful that day as she was the first.

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