Aqua Yoga: How does that Work?

September 6, 2019

In short: quite well actually. Aqua Yoga is a perfect way to start the day.

What exactly is Aqua Yoga? It’s just as it sounds. Yoga in the water. Fancy this, doing Yoga, but with something so delicate yet supportive. It’s so peaceful and a wonderful way to find focus and harmony.

Tree pose Aqua yoga

I love the concept of active stretching, which Yoga gives you. As a dancer and aerialist, I use water a lot to stretch in. The water relaxes my muscles and helps me to relax in to the stretch so I get the most out of each stretch.

Yoga allows everyone to be themselves and do what each person needs. You can be in a room of people, all with different needs, and yet you can still learn together. It’s so beautiful. One of my biggest challenges in tradition Yoga practices is the ability to find peace while practicing the poses. But the water gave me that peace. This was the first time I was able to focus on myself during yoga.

Aqua Yoga

The water gives you a new set a challenges and support. You do have to work your balance against moving water. But it supports that parts of your body that are suspended so you can focus on “staying balanced”

Warrior 2 Pose Aqua Yoga

Nothing happens completely “under water” per say. You are always in a position you can breath from. The ending is a floating meditation which was perfect! Using noodle floats and a lavender towel, you float and use aromatherapy to really melt into a meditative state.

The biggest gain I got from Aqua Yoga was the peace and true relaxation.

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