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Old and New (to me): Casually Put Together

August 24, 2019

This is one of my favourite casual outfits. It’s two main pieces, an older and a newer that make this look. Plus it’s blue, which I know I’ve mentioned somewhere in another post, is my favourite colour.

The blouse for this piece is a sleeveless, linen top. It’s not button down, which is great because there’s no, what I call, awkward pulling. The other nice thing for me is it fits properly.

Here it is: everyone has something when it comes to clothes. We may not share the same something but it’s there. And it’s important we don’t discredit someone else’s something because we feel ours is a bigger something. With that, my something is clothing that fits my torso, doesn’t always fit my arms. My torso is a small/medium while my shoulders and arms are a large/extra large. While there is nothing wrong with that, it does make shirt shopping more difficult.

But with my something, this top fits my arms and I don’t feel like my shoulders are being constricted. The day that happens with this top, I will cry. Until then, this shall be favourite shirt.

The skirt is newer, and it was my first vintage-style ish skirt. I know I purchased it in 2016 and I know I ordered it online. I think it’s from ebay? Regardless, I know I only spent about $15 on it. I purchased this skirt during my “trial” phase of going vintage. I wasn’t quite sure what I wanted my style to be, and at the time I wasn’t investing in clothing like I do now. But I do consider this skirt a steal because it’s survived 3 years of constant wear. Seriously, I wear this skirt constantly.

This skirt is an A Line cut, and super twirly. It’s lightweight so it’s great for outside, warmer weather. The back has a sash so it adds some sass to the skirt. The textile is knit and textured, which adds some structure to the garment without compromising the lightweight aspect. Come to think of it, that’s probably why it’s lasted so long.

The shoes! Ok, these i’m most excited about. I don’t wear flats, unless they have loads of padding to support my arches. Years of ballet have made heels the more comfortable option. These, don’t have any padding, but they’re so cute, and aside from the flat aspect, they are very comfortable. They are from Modcloth. These were my first pair of Oxford Flats. They have Navy Blue saddles on them, so they are very fitting for my aesthetic.


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