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In a Galaxy Far, Far Away | Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge

August 17, 2019

Bright Suns! Arrival Date for Batuu is a upon us. Get ready to set sail for a Galaxy not too far away. And like any other fashionista and creator, I have been planning my Star Wars inspired outfit for awhile. What skirt, what blouse, what hair?

As an actress, I love bringing characters to life, and this is certainly no exception. This time is different. I can’t bring myself to recreate a character that has already been created. I am all about dressing up as characters and bringing a story to life but the whole idea with Galaxy’s Edge is to live your own Star Wars story. So, in the spirit of personal empowerment and self story writing (I suppose I could call that a creative autobiography?) that’s exactly what I did: create myself in the Star Wars Lore.

Millennial Falcon | Star Wars

So me. How do I dress? In vintage attire. I knew I wanted to do something vintage. But not how we on Earth view vintage. So I forced myself to endure a viewing of Star Wars Episode I-III, it’s my least favorite trilogy, for clothing inspiration. I wanted to do something the people of this Galaxy would have considered to be vintage; style from the Galactic Republic.

Star Wars Fashion

Walt Disney World has numerous rules for costume attire, and I had no intention of breaking them. The cape I do have drags on the ground so that is a no go. But I have loads of scarfs. As a kid my grandma gave us (the kids in the family) scarfs to use for dress up. So here came in all those years of training. I got two of my scarfs to make a hood and “shawl” type cloak.

The blouse my co worker suggested I wear. Her words exactly were “You could even wear this dress untucked and belted over a skirt.” Now initially I didn’t think I had a belt (I was wrong) and with the skirt I was initially going to wear, this wouldn’t have worked (I was wrong again). But I shall get to that in a bit.

The blouse is shear and has crocheted detailing down the sleeves. The belt is a ribbon band with the buckle having crystal and stone detailing. I tied the belt so the excess ribbon hangs on one side.

Using the force | Star Wars

The Skirt is a maxi two toned pleated skirt. Imagine a pleated 1920’s skirt, that’s the texture. The white skirt is under neath, same texture and the black part lays over top of it slitted all the way up the sides so the white is visible. The original skirt is a tulle base, with gold embroidery on it. However it is shorter, and one thing I noticed is the length of the attire in the Galactic Republic. It’s mostly long skirts and pants, making this skirt more fitting.

Black Spire Outpost Marketplace | Star Wars
Star Wars Fashion

Most importantly, I already owned everything, costing me nothing. I had a delightful time.

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