We Thrive off Neglect: Life Lesson Rooted in Propagating Succulents

August 8, 2019

Let me start by saying, I know nothing about succulents, other than they are very hard to kill. Well as luck would have it, I managed to kill my first one. The succulent I do have and am currently propagating is the one I got at Orlando Flea. Yes it is still alive and thriving.

A few month ago, while at the market grocery shopping, I saw a table of succulents for sale. On the table was a sign that read, “We Thrive off Neglect”. I couldn’t help but think how negative this sign is, even though it might be true, I didn’t think “neglect” was the right term. Yes, I know the sign is referring to the fact the plants don’t need much human care, I still found the phrasing unsettling.

I believe this feeling stems from the fact that I tend to helicopter mom my succulent. Infact, I deadheaded the plant with tweezers as I couldnt fit clippers between the living leaves. One day an unfortunate incident happened where I accidently knocked off a perfectly good green leaf. Now I had done this before, but every time I would simply leave the leaf in the pot only to find it would just shrivel up and dry out.

Though this last time, I moved my plant to a different window. I set up a paper towel, and began pulling out the dead leaves from the pot and plant when I knocked off the good leaf. With the dead leaves, I set it on the paper towel and left it in the window. I had forgotten it was there when a few days later I noticed the leaf started to grow roots. I was in shock as I hadn’t watered the leaf or provided it with soil. Then a week after that a little gathering of new leaves began to form on the end by the roots.

Thus began the research on how to propagate a succulent. Much to my dismay, my findings told me I didn’t do it exactly right as by now the leaf should be on a plot of soil (I have since ordered succulent soil from Amazon and a new planter). We shall see in the coming weeks if I am successful at propagating this new plant.

Propagating Succulent

Now I am a symbolic person and I believe everything happens for a reason, so the fact this happened I discovered real life implications. Sometimes, we need to be left alone by something to allow other things to come in. It’s ok to be alone or pull yourself away from a good thing to get other good things. When we are left alone, we can still grow. You don’t always need someone there guiding and teaching you everything. Self reflection and teaching is just as important.

Again, it’s ok to be selfish sometimes. Sometimes being selfish means you are looking out for yourself. Maybe you need to move away from where you started out to start your own chapter. (I should note this all started around the time I started a new job.) Moving on and being on your own doesn’t mean it’s the end, but just the start of a new beginning. Space is sometimes what we need to grow.

It’s ok to fail, accidents happen. It’s ok to accidentally fail. What’s not ok is when you dwell on your failure until you find yourself in a pit of self despair. It’s not ok when you refuse to learn from your failures and mistakes. Look at your mistakes and see what you could have done to make it better.

You’re going to grow new skills, traits, ideals and values. You’ll find new things that bring you joy. Things you may never discovered otherwise.

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