Stepping Back In Time Vintage Influenced Modern Constructions

Vintage Inspired Room Divider

June 9, 2019

Just to add a bit of “je ne sais quoi” to my apartment, my mom and I decided to build an antique looking room divider. Going off of 18th century room decor, we decided to go with a 3 panel divider and adding appliques to it. The goal with piece was to create an antique and European inspired room divider.

Taking inspiration from other room dividers, crafting one allowed us to get exactly what we wanted. My parents really did a fabulous job on this, and to quote my mom, “I need a new project.”

We started with 3 blank panels of wood, which were cut evenly at the hardware store. Then appliques and trims were pinned or glued down. The top and bottom frames using double framing and the middle using single framing.

Now once we had everything glued or pinned it was time to paint. We used Annie Sloan’s Chalk Paint purchased from our friends at Vintage Arts Inc. The color we went with is “Old White” which is a softer shade. Not as stark as the pure white. Holly had a wealth of knowledge to share with how to apply the paint, but you can also view tutorials on Annie Sloan’s website.

One of the best pro’s of Chalk Paint is no priming or sanding is required.

What we did was paint the entire piece with the chalk paint. With chalk paint you do need to seal it with wax. I am also going to be adding gold detailing and possibly a darker wax in crevices to make it look older. Here is what they look like after the chalk paint has been applied.

After sealing each piece with the wax, which is done by working the wax into the painted wood by almost smashing the brush into the wood, rather than just painting it on top, we hinged it together. Now I still have a few embellishments to make, adding some shadowing in the crevices and possible sanding some bits down, but here’s the piece right now

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