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I Never Thought to Watch the Flowers Bloom

June 4, 2019

After my stop to smell the roses phenomenon, I have been slowly enjoying the little things in life. I am also a believer in everything happens for a reason, so allow me to take you with me.

After work, I set off to Trader Joe’s to get blackberries, milk and flowers. Leaving work, and driving towards the store I allowed autopilot to take over and I accidentally make a wrong turn towards my apartment rather than heading straight ahead for the store. Because of this turn and traffic, I am not able to turn around, so I change destinations to a different grocery store all together. Once arriving and staring at the flowers, I came to the conclusion the flowers there weren’t at all what I wanted. Funny thing isn’t it? I went in not knowing what I was looking for. Even still when you don’t know what you want, you still know what you don’t want. Things that make me giggle to myself. I omit the flowers from my shopping list and continue on with my evening.

Waking up the next morning and looking at the grey sky, I suddenly remember there aren’t any flowers blooming in my apartment. So I stopped everything to run to Trader Joe’s to get a few small bouquets to create an arrangement. After a solid 7 min of blocking the doorway to find the perfect sets, I walked away with a bouquet of Tiger Lilies and a Stock Lavender.

I arrive home and begin cutting my flowers and placing them into the vase. After doing so, I would love to say I stopped to admire their beauty, but in actuality I stopped to arrange them perfectly in the vase. And before my eyes, I saw a few blooms perk up, a leaf open, and a few flowers began to shake. Sitting in awe I watched life grow and get stronger.

This started a thought process of something I do every day when I practice my personal sabbath. But watching the little things happen can be just as impactful like the smallest accomplishments. The smallest accomplishments can sometimes make it for you. Watch yourself bloom and grow.

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