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Antique Coin Brooch: I Found the Origins of the Coin!

June 4, 2019

I was way off with my hypothesis, but that’s to be expected as I had no real evidence that suggested it was from the Byzantine Empire or Ottoman Empire. I just found a coin with similarities. But the Order was originally founded in Jerusalem, so I’m not completely far off, same region, just off by time really.

I do want to note, I have incredible patience for researching, even as a child I would sit in front of books and articles for days to complete my research papers.

I found another coin of the sort preserved in The Museum of The Order of St. John. Here is their blog post about the coins: http://museumstjohn.org.uk/gold-coins/

After seeing theirs mine is not nearly as well preserved as theirs, but I do want to learn more about my specific coin. Looks like a trip back to the UK is in my future.

The Order was Founded in 1080 in Jerusalem as a hospital to care for pilgrims and travelers regardless of race or religious affiliation. Over the years, the order moved a number of times, including to Rhodes. This would explain how we acquired the coin as the Museum sited Rhodes is likely the place of minting.

A proper research essay to come, but here’s something to keep you entertained until then.


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