Coin Brooch Research

Antique Coin Broach. What I Know and Preliminary Research.

June 1, 2019

Currently I am looking to find out as much as I can about an antique brooch from my YiaYia (Greek for Grandmother). The brooch features an ancient coin, to which I am quite curious about and will be my focus in the research. Now I will be very honest I haven’t the slightest clue where to begin, so I shall start with what I know:

Close up of the coin.
  • I know that part of the family is from Rhodes and part is from Corinth.
  • We had an antique dealer in the family, and another piece, one my mom has, is from him and his travels so it’s quite possible this piece is from him as well.
  • After taking the brooch to my family’s jeweler and getting it appraised I know the coin is made of gold.
  • The coin is two sided and depicts religious motifs including the Halo around the head. Which if I recall was prominent in 4th Century art
  • There are inscriptions on both sides, but I can’t make them out. It does look like Greek lettering or even Latin as opposed to Phoenician.
  • The depictions appear to have Christian motifs

After a solid 2 hours looking at images of coins, I was not able to find a coin that looks like this one I have. BUT my current hypothesis is that coin comes from the Byzantine Empire or the Ottoman Empire. This is because of other coinage I found from that region and time period that has similar motifs and printings.

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