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What I Call, The Secret of Life

May 25, 2019

Growing up, I remembering a feeling of being taught give to others, be selfless, do good to those around you, help those who need it. Bring value to other’s lives not just yours. Now in full honesty, I don’t remember a time of being told this, or who specifically created this emphasis, but I presume it was a combination of my parents and school. This is even something that is emphasised at my work, to add value to other’s lives. So much, I think we forget this important key factor: add value to your own life.

I’m going to go ahead in say, sometimes it’s ok to be selfish. If you need to take a day to yourself and shut off the world, and just go do you, then that’s OK! In the past year, I learned that as long as my selfishness isn’t harming others, then I can find peace with it.

Here’s what I learned in the past 2 years:

  • I needed to be selfish every now and then. Because it allowed me to find myself
  • I like paddle boarding. Being on open water surrounded by nature brings me peace and joy
  • I prefer spending money on experiences
  • My trip to Prague was the best thing I ever did, and I see more solo trips in my future
  • The meme that circulated FaceBook saying if you’re friends for someone for 7 years, you’ll be friend’s forever, I have found to be true. Shout out to my college squad and my bestie from high school!
  • That sometimes going to tea with your squad is the 100% necessary
  • A family who eats together stays together
  • A family who travels together stays together
  • I do things that bring me joy, and that I believe will bring others joy.
  • Volunteering brings me joy
  • My flaws make me perfect.

Adding value to your own life is just as important as adding value to others. Travel, try new food, find new things. Do that thing that you’ve always wanted to do. Create something new. The secret is finding the balance between adding value to your life, finding joy, and giving back. It’s enjoying life and finding what makes you full.

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