Live with purpose

Adding Value to Those Around You

May 22, 2019

Words I try to live by are everyday we have the opportunity to add value to someone’s day, week, and life. It’s seems pretty heavy and a hard task, but it doesn’t have to be. This like most things, is many layers. But things we can do every day can have an impact. Think if the value you add.

Say Hello

A simple hello or a smile can go along way. You might be the first person that says hi or smile to someone that day. Imagine if no one had greeted you in a week. How would you feel? My guess is not the best. A simple salutation can go a long way.

Donating your things.

A few weeks a go I was driving home from work around at 1 am. I turned on the street I live off of and there was road work going on for the past 3 weeks. As I approached my place, I noticed several police cars. I thought that was odd given the time, but it had happened before where a minor fender bender happened between the cars and cones. When I pulled closer the condos next to me had fire breathing out of the windows. Homes were destroyed. Coincidentally I had 2 bags of things to donate that ranged from knick knacks to clothing. I was able to find the non profit helping the affected residents and donated my things to them.

While not every donation story is going to be that way, think of think of the value your things will bring to someone else. With that being said, please donate useable things. Many organizations will include on their website what kinds of items the organization needs. Most will update this frequently so double check every time. ESPECIALLY for food. I volunteered at a food bank that only distributed certain brands, specific shelf life length, and types of food. About half of the donated food was unable to get distributed and was given to the volunteers. While yes I was thankful for that, I would rather it go to someone who could use it than myself.

*With food banks, it’s always a great idea to call or check their website before hand. Some will take items past sell by dates as they are still fine to eat, just not of to sell. They may also include other information and guidelines for foods they collect*

Giving Time

Time is something we all have in common. What we don’t have in common is freedom to do what we want with it. Time is invaluable. I live by a motto of “when I crave more I give more”. I give my time. Volunteering is one of the ways I do this. Making myself available to my peers at work, giving time to my friends are all ways I try to add value to others. A phone call even can make a difference.