Wearing Make Up isn’t a mask… Anymore

April 16, 2019

Wearing make up empowers me. Creating beauty and perfecting it in my eye gives me confidence. It didn’t always. I had to find confidence in my natural skin to embrace the power of makeup.

When I arrived at college, I made a new enemy: acne and acne scars. I watched myself fall into an trap of what society calls beauty. Make up became a necessity, a mask. Make up didn’t bring me joy, it just brought along a miserable office (bathroom) job.

Finally after graduation, I found empowerment in other ways that lead me to taking ownership of my appearance. I found peace with my acne. That peace lead me to work with it.

Embracing them allowed me to take charge in fixing them.

Embracing them allowed me to create beauty.

Wearing make up should be an empowering thing. I love crafting my look. In the past it was work and it felt like something I had to do because I was following a stupid rule of beauty society may or may not be responsible for. Embracing my imperfection allowed my to work with them not against them.

I wear make up because I enjoy it. I find it fun. Crafting my “look” is my art. It’s no longer work. I find joy in make up. How? Because I wear make up for me and only me. Not because i have to. My perception had to change for the outcome to change.

Finding empowerment isn’t always about changing the action, but changing the perception.

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