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Effort makes Effortless

April 9, 2019

In my experience, it takes two things to make anything look effortless: effort and practice. While conversing with my friend Isa about our life goals and sharing our Instagram accounts with each other, she sincerely commented on how I make elegance look effortless. 

This is my “casual”

Making something look effortless takes practice, repetition, and effort. You must do it every day. The photos on my Instagram (@lunanoirerose) or found on this blog are the outfits I wear every day. I like to dress well. That’s just me. 

Christmas Day Dress.

This started because I kept wanting a nice event to go to so I could dress up. In fact, I love weddings because it gives me an excuse to wear extravagant formal wear. Finally, I built up the courage to say screw it. If I want to dress nicely then I will. The ladies of the ’20s, ’30s up until the ’60s dressed in my style every day. That was the norm and it simply just was the way. So why couldn’t that be my way? Well, it could. I made it happen.

I want to be myself. I want to embrace myself. For too long, I wasn’t living as myself to the fullest. I wear heels because I feel confident in them. I wear fine clothing because that’s what makes me feel beautiful. This empowers me. This is my normal.

No-So-Secret: When I’m feeling lazy, I wear a dress and flats because it’s conformable and I don’t have to really match anything. I have a set 5 min makeup routine. I still feel wonderful and ready to take on the world.

I won’t lie, at first it was daunting and it seemed like work. Through it all, I find I love to create the way I look. I love creating beauty and designing my appearance. I find joy in crafting my hair, in painting on my make up, this is my art. This makes me feel absolutely beautiful. I do this every day! That’s why it looks effortless. It’s my normal.

I understand this is not everyone’s normal and that’s ok! Normal is in the eye of the beholder. My hope is that you find what empowers you and you make it your normal and you make it look effortless.