Journey to Adventure Prague Trip

Prague Day 6: Reminiscing The Olden Days

January 25, 2019

This was my last day and I saved the best for last. I went back to where it all started. Now the hotel my family lived at when we first moved is no longer standing (sad too because if the walls of that hotel could talk I think we would have the best history class ever!) The hotel we stayed at was the Hotel Praha, originally built for the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia. Oh the stories that place must have held.

But I did go walk by my school, neighborhood and dine a restaurant my family and I used to go to. I lived and went to school in a village called Nebušice and I attended the International School of Prague. When I lived there, we would take 1 of 4 busses to Dejvice, transferring to the metro, to get downtown. The metro has since extended, so you transfer spot has shifted.

While on the bus heading up to Nebušice, Taylor Swift came on my phone (I’m talking Tear Drops on my Guitar/White Horse T-Swift) and Jason Mraz. Only fitting because that was I listened to when I first moved. It’s crazy how music can send you to a different part of your life. Riding the bus through the Neighborhood really drove me back in time, coming home with my friends after time spent downtown, going to school. I was overthrown with emotions and memories of high school.

It’s empowering to go back to the place that made you, and where you grew into who you are. I learned so much living here, and it took a trip back to understand that.

My first stop was my school. Looking at it from the outside I was transported back to the days of solving global crises in Model UN, weekend rehearsals for the theatre department, choir rehearsals, IB Art exam. Every school trip! I took pivotal turns in my life here, learned more about myself than I knew I did. I walked down the street towards my old neighborhood and visited my old house and street. I found myself walking through the neighborhood behind the school where several of my friend’s lived.

It’s as if I’m walking back in time, I thought to myself. Like I was going back to the past. I stayed in the moment as long as could.