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Prague Day 5 Part 2: Antonín Dvořák Museum, City of Prague Museum and Jazz Dock

January 24, 2019

This day was filled with a lot. Honestly I didn’t realize just how much I Packed into this day until I sat down to write this and realized I needed to split it into 2 parts.

I paid a visit to the Antonín Dvořák Museum. It’s a small museum, but never the less fascinating. The museum is inside Villa Amerika and Dvořák never actually lived here. The museum is dedicated to his life and works. They also host concerts here. While visiting there was a school group in the concert hall. I sat down to appreciate the ornate fresco ceilings and detailed crown molding only to be starred and giggled at by the 12 school kids who took over the entire, yet small, concert hall. Now I have been in there shoes of people joining in on the tour group, but at least be respectful. You are in a museum and there are other people. That’s it, my only comment.

I had performed one of Dvořák’s works for choir (no I can’t remember which one) so this was more or less a personal experience for me. Most of the museum is listening, so there aren’t too many photos.

I stopped for a mid day cappuccino and slice of pie at Paul, a bakery and patisserie. For the coffee addict like myself, cappuccino breaks became a part of my routine there.

I spontaneously decided to go to the City of Prague Museum (the main Building), which I was pleasantly surprised by. If you have to choose between the National Museum and the City of Prague Museum, I’d do City of Prague and here’s why. The National Museum, though very cool, grand and fascinating, is to me designed for tourists. The Prague City Museum reminded me of my hometown museum and gave me an overall better experience. The Museum starts from the stone age and ends with modern times.

It stood out to me becuase, I personally have never really learned about pre historic Europe with the exception of Vikings, Ötzi the Ice Man and of course the main focus of Ancient Rome and Greece. This opened a new door of topics and how people lived; something I had never examined before. Lighting wasn’t the best for photos, but here is what I got:

I concluded my day with and evening at one of my favourite of all time venues: the Jazz Dock. It’s a fabulous place to listen to great bands, have a drink and a fabulous bite to eat. It’s a very comfortable venue located on the Vltava River. The band I saw was a Czech Local band.

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