Journey to Adventure Prague Trip

Prague Day 4: The Zoo and Spontaneous Exploration

January 22, 2019

I went back and forth if I was going to go to the Zoo or not. the previous night following my Ghost tour I spent a solid hour and a half strategically planning my next two days to get the most out of them and what I wanted to see. Based on the schedules of the things I wanted to do and it being fairly split down the middle of things being closed on Monday or Tuesday, it more or less fell into place.

Pro tip: when traveling during the low tourist season, many museums and places have odd hours or days of operation (one of the places I wanted to see is only open during the summer season for 3 hours Saturday & Sunday only)

My original plan was to go to the zoo then pay a visit to Troja Chateau (a place I had been dying to visit but alas it closes in January). This was what prompted my debated regarding venturing out to the Zoo. Ultimately I decided a relaxing morning of walking around mindlessly was what I needed. Added bonus, the Prague Zoo is one of the best zoo’s. I took the metro and bus to get there.

Upon arriving I was the only person there. Also the animals had not ventured into their outdoor enclosures yet. I headed straight for the elephants (my absolute favourite animal ever, but particularly Asian elephants which is what the zoo has). They weren’t out, nor could I see them in the behind the scenes area.

Slowly I started to see more life, and by life I mean other visitors hoping to see some animals. I would like to mention, this was my fault for not thinking. I didnt think about animals not wanting to come out in the weather we had. After not seeing the elephants and only a few savannah animals, I decided I needed to find the animals accustomed to this climate. Wolves!

The wolves were out and exploring everything. 15 of them maybe? I was tempted to howl to see what would happen but I didn’t. They were magnificent. that area had more animals. Wolves, owls, a leopard, buffalo, donkey’s. I saw a raven, learned I had never actually a seen raven like I thought I had. All my Edgar Allen Poe dreams had been fulfilled. A loose peacock even, then two.

I got lost. The zoo is really that gigantic and there’s a lack of signage. But C’est La Vie I suppose. I was trying to find the polar bears, ended up finding bison, a fox, horses, moose. Then I happened upon a Plague column. The plaque inscription is a s translated,

Plague Column. Is dated to the year 1630 until 1966 on the site of morus cemetery behind the village of Holesovice. This column was reconstructed in 1986 and placed in the zoo.

I don’t know the specifis of this village or the plague, but I have become intrigued and if I find anything, I’ll post it.

I did eventually find the polar bears. and the lions. It took longer than I would have ideally liked.

After the zoo, I continued my adventure and decided to top at Bohemia Bagel for a sandwich. I had to change from bus to the tram in front of Letna Park. I had time to spare for the next tram and decided to hike up the hill to see the metronome. The metronome stands in place of where the statue of Stalin once stood.

After that I continued to lunch then I wandered around the Kampa Park and Charles Bridge area throughly wandering and taking in the beauty of the city.

I wanted to find things I wasn’t looking for. And I was really sick of museums. I found the Infant Jesus of Prague, which I knew existed and that it’s a big deal, but I never saw it that I recall. He is located in the Church of Our Lady Victorious. Pious legends says the statue once belonged to Saint Teresa of Ávila. He was donated in 1628 by Princess Polyxena of Lobkowicz to the Carmelite friars.

I forced myself to go to the Czech Music Museum (I’m glad I did). It’s a quick museum but worth it. It’s interactive and they have stunning instruments as the museum focuses on man made music and the history of it.

I walked across the Charles Bridge, and this was where I lost it. I was overcome by an abundance of appreciation for this city and just how blessed I was to live there. Prague is a treasure and a place we are lucky to have. Prague is a story, its a heritage, it’s living.

That night I went to one of my favourite restaurants EVER. I had been with my vocal coach in high school and two of my friends and music peers. Clear Head, it’s a vegetarian restaurant. If you are a vegetarian or vegan 10/10 would recommend. If you’re not a vegetarian or vegan, 10/10 would recommend. They aim to give you the best dining experience and they hit the nail on the head. Even though I had been there before, as a vegetarian this was one of the only times I was able to have my pick of the menu and genuinely not know what I wanted because everything was so creative and extraordinary.

Walking home, I was hit again by a night view of the Prague Castle and I was once again reminded of what a magnificent city Prague is.

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