Journey to Adventure Prague Trip

Prague Day 3: Prague Castle and Old Town Exploration

January 21, 2019

The morning of day 3 I woke up full rehydrated and ready for adventure. On this day I traveled up to the Prague Castle. The Prague Castle comprises of several Palaces, a small village and churches. In the afternoon I went to lunch at one of the first restaurants we ever went to upon moving. It quickly became one of our family’s favourite.

I did Circuit B (as it was included in my Prague Card) and visited St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Royal Palace, St. George’s Basilica, Golden Lane with Daliborka Tower.

Old Royal Palace

First stop was the Old Royal Palace. The palace is a Stone Romanesque styled palace. Vladislav Hall is located inside the Palace where coronations, large banquets, occurred here. It is also here where the replica of the Czech Crown is. Up until the 16th century this was the seat of Bohemia’s Princes.

St. George Basilica

St. George Basilica is as beautiful on the outside as it is the inside. Though not as ornate at St. Vitus Cathedral, frescos, carved pews and a Baroque styled facade make this the oldest church in the Prague Castle.

Golden Lane.

At one point, this lane was called Alchemist’s Alley (though no Alchemists actually lived or worked here) Golden Lane got it’s name because of the gold smith’s that resided and worked there. The street consists of colorful buildings with tudor style houses blended in. Currently the knight’s armor is displayed as well as costumes. Now many of the houses are shops, which to me have me a true feeling of a modernized medieval market place. We also see a gold smith’s and guard’s dwelling.

The other part of Golden Alley is the Dalibor Tower, a dungeon located at the end of the alley. The tower is very grim as it is all torture devices, but view after the tower is spectacular.

The time came to visit St. Vitus Cathedral. This Cathedral is so big it was impossible to get a good photo of it from inside the castle walls. This cathedral is the Notre Dame of Prague. Stained glass, detailed alters and statues, ornate pews, gothic ceilings make this cathedral extraordinary. Here is the seat of the Archbishop of Prague.

Lobkowicz Palace

The only privately owned palace in the Prague Castle, owned by the Lobkowicz family. I started my visit by attending a concert inside the palace. The trio played compositions from composers like Beethoven, Mozart, and Dvorak.

The audio tour of the palace is honestly, the best one I’ve ever done. I’m not the biggest fan of audio tours, but what set this one apart is William and Alexandra Lobkowicz leading the audio tour. The tour takes you through the palace, the family’s history and the Czech culture. If I had to pick one place to visit in Prague, this is the place

A jewel of this palace is the private terrace balcony with an incredible view

Most of my time in the Prague Castle was taking it all in. I highly recommend visiting in the winter time or low tourist time. Reason being when I went growing up I wasn’t able to appreciate it because of the crowds. Walking around the castle grounds was mesmerizing and captivating.

Pro tip: Take your time! There’s no need to rush as the Circuit tickets are valid for two consecutive days.

After the Castle I headed back to old town for lunch. I dined at Ambiente Pasta Fresca, my family’s favourite. There is a cafe on the ground floor, but below is the restaurant. It’s divine. Moderately priced, with a wide menu consisting of pastas, soups, savory main courses and delectable desserts. The restaurant is located just off Old Town Square

Spinach tagliatelle with mushrooms, porcini, cream and walnuts


That Evening I went to Old Town Square and explored the Old Town City Hall and Tower where the astronomical clock is. Inside includes Municipal Hall, the Old Council Hall, the Antechamber to the Assembly Hall, the Brožík Assembly Hall and the George Hall.

Ghost Tour

The ghost tour I did this evening was way better! This one focused more on the historical aspect and stories of the town. McGee’s Ghost Tours I highly recommend. No jump scared in this one, and the legends were believable. We were told a legend of Convent of St. Agnes, the House of Death and historical accounts.

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