Journey to Adventure Prague Trip

Prague: Day 1

January 19, 2019

Landed, checkin in, ready to go exploring….sort of. I went on my first Solo Adventure!

On my long flight from ATL to AMS our water services were canceled. Honestly, I didn’t think anything of this until I landed in Prague.

I had a 50 min layover in Amsterdam. To answer everyone’s burning question, yes I made it from the gate I landed in, through passport control to my next gate in 20 min, just in time for boarding. AMS is very efficient and it was the best transfer experience I have ever had. Bags made it too. But as a result I didn’t have time to refill my water bottle in the airport.

As soon as I stepped on the plan in Prague, I felt my body dehydrating. I drank 1 liter of water at the airport, checked in to my AirBnb took a small nap while sipping on more water. I began to feel myself perk up, so I decided the time had come to explore the town, see if I remember where everything is.

End of Wenceslas Square heading to Mustek
Side Street off Wenceslas Square

My AirBnb is situated right off Wenceslas Square, a perfect spot. Prague has 3 metro lines. Red & Green Lines were a hop skip and a jump from my flat. The Green & Yellow lines met at the end of the square in Mustek. (Both stops are transfer stops). Walking distance to Old Town and close to restaurants & amazing shops.

I walked down side streets, trying to get lost in Prague, and I one point, I did. But I was always able to find ,y way back. Thank you memory,you have served me well. After thoroughly exploring the area, I wandered over to Old Town Square for more exploring and for a Trdelnik (a Chimney Cake).


Now when I lived in Prague, I think there was 1 or 2 permanent shops that sold these. There was also only one kind, an Original. Temporary stands would pop up during the tourist season. I know these aren’t traditionally Czech, (I believe they are Hungarian but don’t quote me) but they are good. I have said this many times before, and here it is again, sorry chestnuts, but dough wrapped around a spit roasted on an open fire (charcoal actually) dipped in walnuts and sugar is way better. Now these things are everywhere there’re a tourist attraction. And now you can get them with chocolate and ice cream in them.

I walked around the square, trying to wrap my head around the fact I was back there. I walked up the street heading to the Palladium (a shopping mall). I grabbed Udon at an asian restaurant in Palladium and another water at Albert before heading back to the flat.

I took nap number 2 and sipped more water. At this point I begin to realize I’m in a weird state of needing protein (even though I wasn’t hungry), water and sleep. I rested enough and drank enough water to perk myself up to head back out for dinner.

My Favourite Building in Old Town.

Walking around, mixed feelings of disbelief and nostalgia came to me. I walked up and down Mustek, a spot my friends and I used to go to. The movie theatre we used to go to, the McDonalds I had my first beer at, the H&M I used to go to, the farmer’s market. I became overwhelmed with emotions: joy, excitement, memories of good times, bad times, the ok times.

I went to TGI Fridays for dinner, mostly because I didn’t feel like being adventurous that night with how I was feeling and I really didn’t want anything too heavy. A soup and Salad was a save option here.

I began my stroll home up the hill in Wenceslas Square. I stare at the National Museum and at that point realize, I’m back. I’m so blessed to be back.

Tragedy then had to strike. My phone wouldn’t charge. At this point, I’m not sure if it’s the charger or my phone. I attempted to sleep, but due to anxiety of that and the dehydration sleep was hard to come by. I made plans to get up the next morning to go to iStyle for a new charger (while praying it was just the charger and not my phone).

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