Online Thrifting for Beginners

Thrifting can be daunting. It’s a fact of life like how your dryer will eat your socks and in exchange give you a new Tupperware lid. But sometimes, online thrifting can be a great way to ease in, or at the very least, something to branch out into. Welcome the future where thrifting is designed for every type of shopper.

Online thrifting, like all things I suppose has its good, bad and pretty.


Pros of online thrifting, there are many.


Filters are phenomenal! They allow you to narrow your search down to exactly what you are looking for, or an assortment of the sort of thing you are looking for. Especially since sometimes online shopping can be more expensive, but we’ll get to that in a bit. You can narrow things by price point (my fave), type of thing you are looking for, brand sometimes. Play with the filters. They are there to help you.


You can do this from your own home, your bed, your couch, your friend’s couch. Truthfully I love that we have online versions of thrifting for the days I’m not able to leave my house.

Sites like etsy, poshmark and thred up are great online thrift stores.


It has a darkside

No Fitting room

Inability to try it on right then and there. CHECK THE RETURN POLICY. Sometimes you can just return because it doesn’t fit. But not always. I typically try to talk to the seller to get specifics. Now this isnt always possible, but what you can do it shop brands you know, or check the product details for a size guide or measurements.

Best Quality?

Again, check the return policy. But in my experience places like etsy and poshmark the sellers tend to be very upfront about any damages done to the pieces. My advice again is talk to the seller regarding the quality, fabric type and how old the item is.


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