5 Pieces I want to Invest in this Summer

Bathing Suit

I either want a pin up style or a vintage style bathing suit. Something like these. I love 1 pieces and I want to explore new styles of them. But I don’t always have 2 pieces, so I would love a modern adaptation of a vintage style. Something a bit more fun.

Vintage Floral Sundress

I want something bright and happy! I have 2 floral dresses that are bright, but there are more of an evening dress. I want a day time dress that I can throw on to go shopping or to lunch. Something easy. I love simple dresses I can pair with ballet flats. That’s my go to outfit, so I can never have enough.

Casual Shirt

Specifically a button down skirt. I like button skirts because they give the illusion your legs are longer, making you look taller. Either solid or patterned. I want to play with different textures and patterns this season.

A Lace Blouse

Or at the very least, something with lace or crocheted appliques. I love the delicate bliss this adds to any piece. I really want it because I could make it fancy and casual, and I’m all about versatility and simplicity.

High Heel Oxfords

I love my oxford flats, and therefore I want to step it up and invest in a pair that are heels. I want them in brown or cream. My current ones are brown and navy saddle shoe style, but I want my heeled ones to be a solid color.

Not all the images from my Pinterest board embedded correctly, so it see what else I’m adding, follow my Summer WishList Board on Pinterest


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