Antique Coin Brooch: I Found the Origins of the Coin!

I was way off with my hypothesis, but that’s to be expected as I had no real evidence that suggested it was from the Byzantine Empire or Ottoman Empire. I just found a coin with similarities. But the Order was originally founded in Jerusalem, so I’m not completely far off, same region, just off by time really.

I do want to note, I have incredible patience for researching, even as a child I would sit in front of books and articles for days to complete my research papers.

I found another coin of the sort preserved in The Museum of The Order of St. John. Here is their blog post about the coins:

After seeing theirs mine is not nearly as well preserved as theirs, but I do want to learn more about my specific coin. Looks like a trip back to the UK is in my future.

The Order was Founded in 1080 in Jerusalem as a hospital to care for pilgrims and travelers regardless of race or religious affiliation. Over the years, the order moved a number of times, including to Rhodes. This would explain how we acquired the coin as the Museum sited Rhodes is likely the place of minting.

A proper research essay to come, but here’s something to keep you entertained until then.


Hanson, Jack. “Gold Coins.” Museum of the Order of St John, 30 Nov.,

“History of the Order.” Museum of the Order of St John,


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