A Pencil Skirt for Spring Time

I love floral prints. I also love french prints. Put them together and I’m ecstatic! That’s exactly what happened when I found this skirt (well actually I think my mom found it.)

This was my first time at Nordstrom Rack, and let me tell you, it was amazing! The whole store is a treasure box of timeless creations. This led to a new favourite store and therefore a new place to take all my money.

Not that I needed another navy blue skirt, I just couldn’t pass up this pattern. The floral pattern is colorful and timeless, just what the fashionista ordered. But! Since it’s navy blue, it goes with just about everything in my closet.

Blue in general is one of my favourite colours. I could insert a mass of Miranda Priestly remarks but… oh who am I kidding, here we go. Not just blue but it could be lapis, turquoise, cerulean, navy if it’s in the blue family I probably own it. I go into a store and will say, “Ok Ari, no more blue”, and chances are I walk out with another blue item. What can I say, blue matches my eyes and compliments my red hair.

The skirt is from Philosophy. and it a bright navy blue. The pattern on it is a french floral pattern. I love that it has so many colours in it.

The skirt hits just at my knee. While I would have preferred it to hit just below the knee, I couldn’t leave the perfect floral pattern. It’s just beautiful. My favourite part are the shapes that form inside the pattern. The lines and unique angles are lovely.

It reminds me of vintage wallpaper. Or even scrapbooking paper perhaps? I can’t tell you how often I’ve gone into a craft store and asked, “Does this paper come in textile form?” *insert crazy and deranged looks from the employees* to which they almost always reply “No.” One time however I had a lovely man walk me all around the cotton section to find one similar but alas no such pattern was found.

This skirt is perfect for spring. Both in pattern and colour.


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