Evening at the Boardwalk

A few nights ago I put on my new favourite blouse and went to a dueling piano bar. The Blouse is a deep green I found at Nordstrom Rack. I paired it with one of my favourite skirts; a pleated cream skirt with damask textured pattern to it.

The blouse has beautiful pleating along the collar that create small puffs at the shoulder. I didn’t realize how many of my blouses have this effect. I’ll admit, I truthfully thought I didn’t like this effect until taking a closer glance at the blouses I own and saw it appeared on a number of them. Deceived by shirt on the hanger I suppose.

Aside from the fact I look like I only have 1 leg, (opps) The shoes are my go to ballet flats. They are Aerosols and very comfy even for someone with over extended arches who finds heels extremely comfortable. They have a beautiful gold tone buckle on the toe, making the shoe sophisticated and classy.

I wish this photo wasn’t blurry, because it’s actually my favourite. The 3 quarter sleeve is darling. I have larger arms from circus training, so I have to purchase shirts sometimes a size larger to accommodate, but even still the sleeves hit me perfectly. I prefer the 3/4 sleeve to a full long sleeve as there’s less chance of getting my sleeve dragged in my soup.

Something about the evening enchanted me to


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