Bar Shampoo & Conditioner: My New Fave

I started using bar shampoo and conditioner over a year ago. Like any change it is an adjustment. But trust me, this one change I’m in for the long run. Liquid Shampoo was invented in the 1920’s by Hans Schwarzkopf , making it still a “modern” invention. I purchase mine from Basin. Similar to bottled or liquid shampoo and conditioner, Basin creates a variety of shampoos and conditioners to suit different tastes, hair types and conditions. Other places I’ve seen them is Whole Foods, farmer’s markets in my hometown, and Lush.

What I Love

I love the varieties these shampoos come in. Not just from Basin, every place I’ve seen bar shampoo and conditioner. I’ve seen dandruff and oily scalp varieties, colour treated hair, even now baby shampoo varieties. I use the Charcoal set from Basin. With the amount of pomades and hairsprays I use, this is the perfect one to eliminate all the extra “stuff” that sits around.

With mine, the bars last a long time. That might be because I don’t use as much. I believe it is much easier to use more than you need when you can easily squirt out the product. The bar forces me to only use what I need. One bar lasts me around 7 months.

Most importantly, this is environmentally friendly and zero waste. This is a great way to reduce waste. Will it be the end all solution to saving the environment, but it’s a great start and a great switch.

What Took Some Getting Used To

Switching to the shampoo was easy. It works the same as conventional bar soap. I just rub the bar in my hands to create a lather then run the bar threw my hair. The conditioner was a bit trickier. It doesn’t lather and you do need to rub it in your hand to “gather” it. I switch from rubbing it in my hand to rubbing it in my hair, but it does work.

With that being said, the shampoo can leave a waxy residue. I have found the charcoal one doesn’t leave as much of a residue as other kinds do. This can make your hair “heavier” but I haven’t had too too much trouble with it.


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