Mixing Texture and Colours

I understand I am perhaps part of the minority that enjoys thrift shopping and holds an “It’s all about the thrill of the hunt” can do attitude. I also understand not everyone has that same mind set as this can make thrift shopping more daunting.

This outfit I was able to find in the same thrift store on the same day. I was shocked as this is VERY rare occurrence. I initially had no intention of combining these two pieces. It wasn’t until I came home, had the items in my closet for 2 weeks that I finally put the two together. Both are piece that I consider to be staples, two-toned collared blouse and a pencil skirt.

The Blouse has a secret, and a hack for all button downs, it has a little invisible snap in between the second and third button so the blouse doesn’t separate in that awkward area. I love two toned blouses.

The paisley pattern on the skirt is created by the weaving pattern, creating the texture and design. It reminds me of a vintage tapestry. While it’s a little shorter than most of my pencil skirts (I usually have them hit on or just below the knee) I couldn’t resist a pattern that stunning. And I love the gold tones in it and how nicely it compliments the blue from the blouse.

I try to combine a texture with other colors to make the outfit vibrate a little but still be timeless. Both of these pieces are modern, but still have a vintage and timeless appeal to them.


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