Not Your Grandma’s Flea Market: Orlando Flea

Orlando Flea presented by The Daily City took place March 31st 2019. This was the most unique and eclectic flea market I’ve ever been to. This was a flea market made for the modern age. There was a live DJ, great bar’s and amazing foods to snack on. Think of a flea market set in a more club or bar atmosphere.

While most flea market feature hand made goods, antiques and hidden treasures from the attic, this flea market had it’s own spin. Featuring local crafter’s, artists, creators and vendors, this Flea Market was a paradise for anyone wanting to find their new go to local businesses.

The Market was at Celine in Downtown Orlando. The event had two floors of goodies and an outdoor patio.

While I visited many of the vendors, I some how got a grip on my self control and only left with two items.

Fig and Hemp soap with a home grown loofa. The scent of this is divine! It’s sweet yet refreshing just as a fig. The hemp didn’t alter the scent at all. For me, I find using hemp on my muscles helps with the soreness after circus practice. This is from Lake Holden Lather.

The other thing I got was a new cactus for my bathroom. I accidentally killed my last one (oops). I love having live plants in my space. To me it invites positivity and a way to breathe in new life.

But I needed a new plant for my bathroom’s pot. I wanted one similar but one that would be harder to kill than my last succulent, I over watered it once and it was on a downhill spiral after that. So I found one resembling my last one and made sure to ask for care instructions. I had to chuckle because the guy told me they were fool proof. I thought to myself I’ve kept fish alive longer than this plant.

I’m very excited for more events presented by The Daily City. If they are anything like this one, they will be the place to be.


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