Vintage Arts

While in search for chalk paint for a project, my mom and I found a very unique shop, Vintage Arts. The shop is a combination of antiques, repurposed and hand made goods, carrying everything from clothing to home decor. While we went for chalk paint, we left with that, new ideas for a project we’re working on, and new jewelry and accessories.


While these aren’t traditional cameos (those are made from coral or shell) I loved the design of them. The ring is purple, to me the colour gives it a more modern flavour. The humming bird design is a unique and very personal. We used to have humming birds visit the garden at my parent’s old house. The actual cameo on the ring is large, making it a great statement piece and great for spring.

I’m thrilled about the comb. Having a more traditional design, it’s the perfect hair accessory. I’m looking forward to styling it in a gibson roll, or with some soft curls. It’s the perfect touch of elegance.

Decorative Bottle

My mom found this bottle, and it reminds both of us of my dresser vanity. I have perfume bottles that line the space. My goal is to transform it into a perfume bottle. I want a vintage perfume pump. Not sure if i’ll find one that will make it useable as the bottle has an odd shape at the top, but at the very least, it will be a nice decorative accent.

Gold Statement Necklace

I am in love with this necklace. It’s a gold tone that make the rhinestones and pearls pop. I love wearing this piece with blue, the colours pair perfectly together. Being that it’s spring, the floral design is beautiful.

My plan is to pair this with blue, to really make the necklace pop, so it’s a feature on the outfit. When it comes to statement necklaces, I tend to prefer asymmetrical designs like this one.

For more on Vintage Arts, check out their Instagram.

Disclaimer: This post was not sponsored.


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