Polish it off with Accessories

I love accessories! Accessories can take an outfit soaring to the next level! Accessories will polish an outfit and change the vibe of an outfit. I have 3 go to accessories to any outfit. When I don’t know what to use these are what I use.


This one is from my Grandma. The black and silver make it perfect for any outfit. I love wearing it with pastels because it really pops! I usually wear it vertically like shown, but if I pin it to a blazer, occasionally I’ll wear it horizontally.

My cherry broach is one of my favourites! MY work mom gave it to me. I love cherries, and this is a fun yet elegant accessory. I love wearing it with white and blue shades. When I wear it, my goal is to get the red to pop! It’s a gorgeous shade of ruby.

Pearls Pearls Pearls

I have so many strands of peals, but here are my 3 simplest ones. Pearls will make any outfit resemble a classic knockout. I have 3 different shades for pearls to fit different moods and looks. I use the white for classic and simple, the cream for elegant and black for wild and unique. In total, I have probably 10 strands of pearls, but here are my most worn pearls. All are from my grandma and mom.

Perfume and Fragrance

Yes, see these as an accessory. They are a great way to compliment your look or even change it all together. I love fresh, floral, and elegant smells. With that, I range of the lighter to heavier. Lighter for day time and heavier for night time. But sometimes I’ll shake it up and wear and fresher smell in the evening if say, I am going for a picnic at the jazz festival.

Accessories are amazing! What are your favourites?


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