Giving Up and Taking On: Lent 2019

I don’t necessarily identify as a religious person, but truthfully more as a spiritually person. One thing I do practice is the season of Lent. For the past 3 years I try to give up a non materialistic thing and take on something to better myself. One year I gave up negativity and took on Positivity (this was really really hard and I would lie if I said I never slipped up). The Second I gave up Judgement or Judging others and took on seeing their side (This got me in a lot of trouble because it tended to result in “Why are taking their side?” BUT it helped me grow.)

This year, I’m giving up unnecessary spending to work on building relationships. This is truly going to be a struggle for me because I am very independent. I go to the coffee shop by myself, lunch by myself, pedicures by myself… I fully endorse the “Treat Yo Self” vibe.

This sparked when I sent a snap chat of me getting a pedicure and my best friend, Jessica responding “Why didn’t you tell me?! I need one too!”

Now that I know I am giving up unnecessary spending, I need to define the why behind it. My goal is to work on relationships with the people I have in my life and not filling it with things I don’t need.

So here is how I am defining Unnecessary: anything that doesn’t lead to growing a relationship or that doesn’t end in being productive. To name a few:

  • New clothing or shoes
  • Eating out alone or buying lunch at work
  • My numerous Starbucks runs at work
  • Home decor/candles
  • Getting my nails and hair done
  • Books (I can go to the library)
  • All my Target runs that end in more candles, make up and accessories
  • Sephora runs

Now with this, I am fully aware I will probably need to spend some money to build relationships. Because my end goal is to build relationships, this is the one of 2 exceptions to the spending on something extra. The reason for this is I realized I have many squads and we all bond over food. But I’m only going to order what I need, also being a vegetarian it’s pretty easy to eat cheaply out.

The second exception is my coffee house runs because I get a lot of work done there. But I am going to limit myself to 1 beverage and 1 time every other week.

Here’s my start. I’m very eager to see how this ends.


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