Calvin Klein Lookin Fine

Calvin Klein is quite possibly my favourite designer. When I first started diving in to the vintage fashion style I tried to find pieces that had a more timeless cut and shape to them. Those pieces would stay in style longer, would match well with some of my older pieces and my new ones and looked cleaner.

Timeless is key in my opinion for anyone wanting to dress in vintage style. Reason being those timeless pieces you find today are probably similar to the styles of the past, but they still go with today’s fashion. This way you don’t appear as if you’re wearing a costume, but style.

Calvin fit the timeless ticket for my wardrobe. Don’t believe me? I own the same dress in 3 different colors/styles. Three I purchased at TJ Maxx or Marshall’s for $40, the other I spotted from across the room at Goodwill for $10, new with the tags. It’s gotten to the point were I can look at a rack and know its Calvin by glancing at the sleeve’s fabric quality. I sit somewhere in between an obsession and attention to detail when it comes to shopping.

The black is classic. It’s slimming, elegant, and I know I can throw it on with heels and pearls and call it a day. In my opinion, every woman should have a niceLittle Black Dress ready to go! This one I have in a size 8 so I can wear it on the days I’m feeling a little bloated or meh and that way I can still look amazing! It shows off my shape, and the hem line hits right at the knee so I can show off some leg.

The green is my absolute favourite! The sleeves on it are to die for! They have a bit more flare to them and the sleeves are layered. The sleeves have a full circle flair. It’s more fun, yet mysterious to me. The color is a deep Hunter Green, making it perfect for either fall or winter.

My favourite accessory for it is the pearls with the gold chain. Both the cream from the pearls and the gold pop against the green, and pair perfectly. The necklace I got from my mom’s old jewelry collection. I paired criss cross panty hose with it to polish the look. And of course, I have to wear my best heels with it.

The pink was my first one. When I first saw it I immediately thought, “Yes! This will be my brunch and happy hour dress!” I’ve worn it to both. I think I consider this to be my first “best dress.” It’s served me well! This is the one that started it all. I immediately saw it and said, this will be mine! You know that feeling when you try something on and it fits like a glove? That was me!

My initial reaction was this is me. This is timeless, elegant and I can wear it to work and out on the town. I got this dress when I finally came into my own and knew what my style was 100%. It drew me in. The cut it self is flattering for my body, which with pencil dress I tend to have some issues with since my hips are larger. But this dress is perfect!

It’s a pencil dress, but the hem line is a little short to be considered “vintage”. However, it still gives that polished look I love to obtain. The overall cut is timeless.


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