Vintage Fashion Tips For the Beginner

Everything you start has a starting point, and yes the featured image is one of my first vintage inspired outfits. If you’re starting to dress in a more vintage style everyday or just once for a snazzy party, it can be daunting at first. The style is very different to modern fashion. Difficulties include finding the pieces, pairing them, identifying what “vintage” actually is. But, you can make it work.

Do your Research: Watch Old Movies

You’ll quickly learn what the fashion was like back then. Choose movies to the era you want to mimic. This is the ultimate brainstorming method. As your watching make note of things you might have already in your closet, things you like, things you hate, things you think you might be comfortable in.

This will really give you the best idea as to what your going for in terms of looks and styles. While your watching, make note of what colours look good on you. Most old movies are in black and white, so you will have to get creative with colours.

Check Your Closet

Chances are you have pieces that will work already. Pencil skirts or trousers, button down blouses or shirts, blazers, pullover sweaters. See what you can create based off your research. Then make a list of the things you will need. When thinking if the “need” items, make sure they are going to match what you already have, or note what you will need to match it.

Things to look for are “timeless” pieces. I find this helps because they will go with more items and already match vintage pieces you find later. If you can put together a timeless outfit, you’ve won! This will also help if you are feeling like you are wearing a costume. If you do feel this way, start with timeless and use more neutral colours with maybe a one pop of color.

Elements to Look for

I’m going to try and list things that are easily found in modern stores, but by all means, please venture in to second hand and thrift stores!


Hemlines that are below the knee on skirts and dresses. Pencil Skirts and A line skirts are great. I prefer A Line skirts because they are comfier, but never underestimate the look of a good long pencil skirt.

Fitted Blazers are great. Try belting them at the waist line, as this was common trend. It’s weird at first, but it can look flattering.

Button Down Blouses are wonderful and east to find! Try and look for ones with embellishments like embroidery or ruffles. A note on ruffles, there are such thing as subtle ruffles so don’t rule them out entirely just because you’re envisioning a 90’s wedding dress.

Bonus! Pair a collared button down with a v neck sweater is a wonderful look!


Vests are perfect! Vests with a blazer was a common trend and looks very polished. Bonus if your vest matches your blazer and pants

When looking at blazers, double breasted blazers are best. And don’t shy away from subtle patterns like tweed or pin stripes.

Hats are

Time to Shop!

Look at what you need and make a list. When making your list be more general and note alternatives. Be open to modern clothing you can make look vintage. I have many pants that are modern but I can style them to appear vintage.


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