Secrets in the Little Black Dress

I own a lot of black. In fact, I’ve had to stop myself from buying anything that is black to avoid having a closet that actually looks like a black hole. I own 4 black sweaters, 8 black dresses, 4 black shirts, a pair of black pants, 2 black skirts, 2 pant suits…. you get the picture. I think the reason I do own a high amount is because it’s timeless and it’s flattering.

With all this, I have a few secret stitched into every Little Black Dress.

One Size Up

Black is slimming. For my bloated days or the days I feel bleh, I have tucked away a LBD that’s a size up. It’s more roomy, comfy and I’ll still look like a million bucks. Personally, when I look amazing, I feel amazing and empowered. I can still hide how my body is feeling and look like my normal self. Personally, I can’t go out looking like a mess because then I’ll feel like even more of a mess.

I love the length of this dress. It hits right at the knee and because it tappers in, it gives me a great shape. Pencil dresses are perhaps my favourite cut because of the classic lines it gives you. This dress is a size 8, and yes, it’s pictured on one of my bloated bleh days.

The sleeves on this dress add a bit of flare to it and fun. The sleeves flare out right at the elbow. The flare is long enough that it still has movement to them. Add the classic boat-neck neck line, I’m sold. This dress is Calvin Klein that I found at Goodwill, but I found her sisters (I own this dress in 4 different styles and colours) at TJMaxx and I have seen them at Macy’s and Dillard’s too. (There’s a beige floral one I’m in love with that will probably be my next one).

Texture in the Waist

My other trick is texture in the waist, like ruching. This will hide any bleh in the belly area. In this dress the the ruched neckline blends into the ruched waistline. Since it’s black it’s hard to see the ruching. The ruching with the pencil cut, makes my waist and belly look smaller and camouflage the bloating in the mid section.

With this dress, I love a pop of colour, like matching my lipstick with my shoes. The neckline on this dress is my favourite feature. I love the draped neck. It’s elegant and makes the dress more cocktail dressy. This dress is Ralph Lauren I got from TJMaxx.


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