Vintage Turban Hats

Turbans are a type of millenary worn for centuries across amongst members of different religions and cultures. A turban hat became popular in the 1940’s. According to an advertisement, in the 1940’s the hat was rationed, making the turban a more assessable and affordable way to create a new hat.

Personally I wear them on primarily windy days when I’ll be outside. Since my hair is going to get messed up from the wind anyways, this is a great way to cover my hair. Other times I wear them is if I don’t want to do my hair, or if I haven’t washed it in a while and I want to cover it up. There is also a way to tie them to cover your curls while they are setting.

The advantages to a turban hat are:

  • cheap and stylish
  • you can wash it if it gets dirty.
  • you can make them as dramatic or subtle as you want
  • easily decorate them with pins and broaches

Disadvantages are:

  • You may have to practice getting them to look good
  • It takes a bit of creativity to come up with new designs (only a disadvantage if you are unsure where to start or finish)

All you need now to get started is a scarf or pashmina. Creating a turban doesn’t have to be complicated. There are simple designs and more complex ones. Here are 3 of my favourite easy designs.

This is my Go To Turban Hat

Simple and classic


For how to on my favourite turban hats, check out my video tutorial:


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