Actually Affordable Fashion

How does one look like a million bucks but for 10-40 bucks? It’s not as hard as you may think but there are a few tricks and components to it. The best thing to do is ground the moving parts and create an action plan.

Determine your style

This seems kind of obvious but go with me for a minute. Lets walk to your closet and see what kinds of pieces you have in there. What do you have the most of? Skirts, button downs, knit tees? I do this for two reasons:

  • It shows you what you like
  • It shows you what you don’t need, but what you need to go with what you own.

Don’t spend more money on what you already have. I have a few white button downs because I forgot I had them. I suggest trying your items on so you know how they fit and how you could pair them.

Go shopping… on the clearance rack

I very rarely buy anything at retail stores if it’s not on the clearance rack. While it’s a more of a hunt for things, it’ll pay out in the long run. But to every rule there are exceptions. But I still check the sale or clearance racks first:

  • I am shopping for a very specific piece. I had a skirt that I found on clearance, but because of the cut and odd colors of the skirt, it took me 2 years to find a top that would go with it. Yes 2 years. The skirt featured off black and white which made it next to impossible to find a color blouse that would match it. I moved to the regular rack to find a blouse to match.
  • For weather related items. I needed a sweater before going to Prague, and I needed a sweater. Because it was still winter time, sweaters in my size weren’t on sale yet. 
Skirt: Goodwill $3.
Blouse: Uni Qlo Sale rack: $15.
Jewelry and purse were gifts/hand me down so not sure of the price.

Thrift Stores

I absolutely love thrift stores. I’ve even found items that were new with the tags on. if you are new to thrifting, I have a guide to that. Thrift stores might even have you items you had never thought existed or that you never thought to buy. Have fun in thrift stores! Spend an afternoon thrifting. Try on something you never would have thought on.


Look for versatile pieces. Simple skirt and trousers, solid blouses and shirts. This way when you do find that print it’ll have a piece to go with it. Like my outfit above. The blouse is a green knit i go at TJMaxx and I wear that blouse with almost every skirt I own.


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