Going to the Gym and Eating Healthy Didn’t Make Me Rich, But Here’s What it Did Do

I never thought I would be that person. But here we go. Bare with me because I’m going to try and make this make sense.

I had seen a few YouTubers and bloggers talk about how they became successful or financially free because they ate healthy or became vegan, they go to the gym, live a minimalist lifestyle, meditate, focus on the now, get plenty of sleep…. the list went on. I’m not going to name names because quite honestly, I don’t remember and even if I did I don’t want to give any negative energy or vibes to them. That would be the exact opposite of my goal to empower and help others find value in their lives. 

I thought this is stupid, how would that do anything? But then I read an article on either Forbes or Business Insights. I can’t find the exact article, but here are a few that are similar.



The one I found initially (that has since disappeared into the depths of the internet) focused more on qualities successful people have. Some made sense, they have mentors, they communicate constantly, but I started to hear a familiar tune of they go to the gym, they eat healthy, they sleep.

Ok what? I tried it. And no it did not make me a millionaire over night, in fact I think I lost money because of my gym membership. BUT here’s what I did gain from that:


I found the motivation to better myself. Apply for that job I wanted. Network my butt off to build relationships and figure out what I do want to do in life. Motivation to create a better life and to start moving and not just sit still. I woke up every morning with a goal each day.

Self Value

It forced me to realize why I needed to add value to myself. Why I am important. It showed me what is valuable in life, and that it my life, relationships, well being. It brought value back to my life. Quality time with myself, and that sometimes being selfish isn’t a bad thing.  Sometimes being selfish just means you’re looking out for yourself. It showed me my self worth, and that I am important. Why I should take care of myself.

Feeling Better and Brighter

Very simple, I felt better. I felt awake, I felt alive. I lost the feeling of sloth. I had a goal everyday, and I wanted to better myself. Everyday I felt wonderful and read to start the day. As someone who struggles with anxiety, it toned it down significantly. I’m not saying it’s a 100% solved my anxiety, but it did help. Physically I felt better and mentally I felt more vibrant.

Value of Life

Here’s the cliche: life is short, live it up. But it’s true. It showed me to explore, to grow, to try new things. It taught me my relationships with people are what bring me true joy. That getting up and going to circus is more enjoyable than sitting on the couch binge watching Parks and Rec again. Yes, I still need those days, I think we all do. But sometimes to take a break from that and do something that can pay you back in motivation.

What this did for me, what make my life rich, not my wallet; that’s the important thing to remember. Grow your life’s garden. Show other your beauty and show yourself your own accomplishments.


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