I Ran Away to Circus School

Yes. I go to circus school. And I love it. It’s the thing I never knew I wanted or needed. It started in college. I was dabbling in aerial acrobatics. At that point I was learning Silks and Lyra. Because there weren’t any classes where I lived, I drove 2 hours each way for class 2 classes one day a week.

Once I moved and started my life after college, I spent a solid year before finding a place I wanted to learn at. I knew I wanted to expand my knowledge and acts. While I still primarily study silks and Lyra, I also study Static Trapeze, Chinese Pole and some Spanish Web.

I’ve mentioned this before, I have an extensive dance background, and I think the main element missing in my personal life was the opportunity to perform and create. Circus brought me back to my dance days, of long days training and rehearsing, but added something else. Empowerment.

Lyra is my favourite, I melt into every movement and technique I do there. I’ve found that frustrations can be enjoyable with Lyra. It’s seamless. I feel the most graceful on lyra, even when I don’t look that part. What I love the most are the lines and shapes I can create through movement.

There’s something about holding on for dear life and being capable of supporting yourself up in the air that forces you to believe, “I can do anything and I will do everything.” The moment I started training seriously, morphed turning point for me.

Filmed at Antigravity Orlando

Passion, desire, joy, value, dedication and love all together came back to me. I had forgotten that feeling. Circus gave me the same sensations dance and karate gave me. It also gave me empowerment.

Aright, here come thing feelings. I had to work through a lot. My anxiety, overthinking, acceptance; circus brought a light back on I never noticed was turned off. It’s allowed me to grow.

What a wonderful gift it is to have something that allows me to loose myself and find myself all at once. It’s as unique as I am.

I talk a lot about find what brings you joy, but also what is going to add value to your life. Circus has done that for me. It gives me something to persevere towards.


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Luna Noire Rose is a place for empowerment. It’s a space where I show you what has empowered me, my struggles and how I’ve broken down the arena of negativity to find inner peace and positivity.

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