Thrifty Tips for the First Time Thrifter.

I love thrift shopping! It’s all about the thrill of the hunt and finding hidden treasures. You can find all sorts of things in thrift store, including your favourite designer. In fact, I found my favourite pattern Cavlin Klein Dress in a thrift store for $10! New with the original tags on it.

Have a general plan

Don’t go in with a plan to get 1 specific thing. Chances are you probably one find that one specific thing. Instead, have a general idea of what you want. For example I wouldn’t plan to go wanting a Tiffany Blue pencil skirt with floral beading. Now, you could find that, but it’s more exciting when I happen upon this. It’s more effective to go with an open mindset. Think, “Ok, I need a new work skirt, or a new a line skirt, or a new army green skirt.”

Take Your Time and Look at everything

Most thrift stores will have different departments, so jewelry, shoes, shirts, skirts, trousers, housewares etc. I always go in wanting new pieces for my wardrobe, but end up walking out with a new frame or vase as well. Thrift stores have all sorts of hidden treasures. With that being said, take your time. Thrifting is not to be rushed. You might miss that Vintage Jewelry Box like the one your grandmother owns you’ve always admired from a far.

Have multiple Outfits Planned.

If the “go in with a general plan” isn’t your forte, or you are going to multiple thrift stores, try going in with multiple outfits planned. Another mindset is go in with with the idea that the pieces you find could make multiple outfit combinations. Or go with multiple items in your closet. For example, I purchased a charcoal grey pencil skirt and a gold pencil skirt that can pair with my two toned collared blouse.

Don’t get hung up on brands

Just because it has a designer tag, doesn’t mean you have to buy it. And just because it doesn’t have designer tag, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t but it. Consider everything. It applies for regular shopping, and it applies here too. If it look beautiful on you, fits you well that’s all that matters!

Try different sizes

My rule of thumb is try on 1 size below and two sizes above your “normal” size. Multiple reasons why: different brands, particularly older ones, are going to vary in sizes to begin with. I normally wear a size 8 in dresses, but I’m a 6 in Calvin Klein. Brand sizes vary. With thrift stores, the reason why I say 2 sizes larger is because items are sorted based on the tag. Many things I have found while thrifting have been altered, taken in, or hemmed. I have a size 12 pants that have been taken in a size. In that particular brand, I’m a size 10 in pants. I have also seen skirts that are in the XL section that have been altered, or shrunk in the wash to a size S or M. Fabrics change over time, they stretch, they shirk, they’re altered. Try on multiple sizes!


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