In Case No One Told You: You Are, Indeed, Worth It!

You’re worth that cup of coffee or latte in the morning

You’re worth the extra 10 minuets it takes to make an omelette (or if your a vegan a loaded avocado toast)

You’re worth the 5 minutes to plan an outfit that makes you look like a million bucks

You’re worth the 5 minutes to comb your hair

You’re worth the 15 minutes to do your make up

You’re worth 5 minutes to stare in the mirror and say, “Man! I look handsome, beautiful, hot, stunning or *insert positive adjective here*

You’re worth those fancy shoes in the window

You’re worth that nice dress

You’re worth that well tailored suit

You’re worth your dream job

You’re worth a hug

You’re worth a kiss

You’re worth an, “I love you”

You’re worth a friend

You’re worth to be a friend

You’re worthy of a best friend

You’re worthy of a soulmate

You’re worthy of a squad

You’re worthy of a family (biological or not)

You’re worth that trip to Europe, or Asia, or Africa or America or where ever you want to go

You’re worth today

You’re worth tomorrow

You’re life is worth living in the present

You my friend are Worth It!


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Luna Noire Rose is a place for empowerment. It’s a space where I show you what has empowered me, my struggles and how I’ve broken down the arena of negativity to find inner peace and positivity.

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